Posted by Barbara Upson-Shaw


   For three days in May Byron Bay Rotary annually funds the Bravehearts team to Byron Shires schools and Pre-Schools delivering the experience of their highly successful interactive, live personal safety program called Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure. A program teaching personal safety, understandig the issue and reinforcing the critical message and educating your children with skills and knowledge on how to keep safe. The show is a non-confronting and engaging way to teach children peronal safety and encourages children to speak out about unsafe situation such as child sexual assault, bullying, or domestic violence at home.

The 30-minute interactive show is presented by trained facilliators who guides the children through a power-point-presentation and songs complete with actions, along with Ditto (the lion club mascot), who encourages audience participation. The main criteria includes; Yes and No feelings, warning signs, private parts, Secrets and Who to Tell. By empowering children the skills, language and knowledge to keep safe, it will help them speak out when they are feeling unsafe.


It is only through increasing general awareness, increasing skills and capacity building for those working and living with children, preventative strategies, education and strong policies and legislation that we can accomplish Our Mission-stop child sexual assault in society. Bravehearts specialist services are instrumental in preventing the sexual assault of Australian children and giving hope and healing to the most vulnerable and precious of our community- Byron Bay Rotary started with a few schools eight years ago, now we are up to 9 primary schools and 5 preschools and introduced two Ballina Rotary Clubs to Bravehearts and they are funding five primary schools as of 2016.