Posted by Som-Ling Leung

Namuga Hospital RAWCS Project

This Project is based in Namuga, which is on the East side of Makira-Ulawa Province in Solomon Islands. This Province has a population of 50,000.

What is it?–It involves upgrading the existing Area Health Care Centre to a Mini Hospital. It is a joint project with the Provincial Government, the local people and Rotary Australia. Once completed, this hospital will be run by the National Ministry of Health and will service the eastern half of the province; while the existing hospital will service the western half of the province.

Current medical consult room

Why?—The current Area Health Centre in Namuga has two registered nurses and services are limited. If blood tests, x-rays, pharmaceuticals or a doctor are required, locals have no option but to travel to the province’s hospital in the capital, Kirakira.

As there are no roads, the only form of transport to Kirakira is via canoe or power boat. Rough seas often prohibit canoe travel, especially for the sick. It is a 3-4.5 hour trip via powerboat to Kirakira, and the fuel can cost several months wages.

What is in the new hospital?–The building structure of the Main Hospital and the auxiliary wing has been completed. It consists of female and male general wards, maternity ward, outpatient and emergency clinic as well as, operating theatre. The auxiliary wing consists of pharmacy, radiology department, dental clinic, diagnostic lab, medical incinerator. The solar panels installed run the whole hospital except for the operating theatre and dental clinic. The plumbing for the main hospital has been completed.

 New hospital

Current Status–Building materials and equipment are on site for the fit out and are due to start when the provincial government has access to further funding for labour wages. We thank Dr. Chris Miller, project manager, Jack Visnner, building advisor for their tireless work through the years, as well as the volunteer teams who have spent there this year.